Landing Pages Made Easy

Landing pages are an important marketing tool that allow you to promote a product or service in a very targeted fashion. They are designed to deliver a focused message to your target audience.

Websites are a more general presentation that is aimed at presenting a broad message to a wide audience. As such, they generally present many pages with different topics that are browsed by visitors to obtain information that pertains to their interest - who are you, where are you, what do you provide, how do I contact you.

Landing pages are more focused. For example, a landing page may focus on a single product out of hundreds of products. A landing page is also more useful for "transient" presentations, such as limited offers or promotions. Websites require a lot of resources, and often adding a simple page to highlight a promotion involves a significant investment. You may have to involve a graphic designer, then a programmer, the a copy writer. With a landing page, that investment is reduced significantly. You simply select a template that fits the need, change the photos and text, and you are done. Thus, landing pages fill a niche that is not always easily accomplished with a website.

How Easy?

Creating a landing page on BK Pages is as simple as it gets. You select a template, modify the text and imagess, then post the URL for your page anywhere. You do not worry about hosting services, domain names, bandwidth limits, disk space - nothing. We take care of all of that for you.

Select Your Template

Select your template from our library of landing page and promotion page templates. We have templates designed for promoting real estate, products sold on Facebook and Line, clinic promotions - almost anything you might need. And, if we do not have the exact template that you are looking for, we can work with you to create the custom template that fits your requirements.

Modify The Content

Once you select your template, then simply hover over the images and text and change them in our easy-to-use live editor, which allows you to makes changes on the page as you would see it live. No code, no special knowledge, just click and edit.

Publish Your Page

Once you have edited your template to present the images and text that delivers your message, then simply copy the template's URL and publish that link anywhere - in your Facebook posts, in Google AdWords, in Line messages, or in your e-mail campaigns. Anywhere you can paste a URL, you can publish your landing page.

Extra Power

BK Pages makes publishing landing pages as simple and easy as possible. However, sometimes you need a little extra power. We've got your back with the added features you need.

Custom Domains

BK Pages provides for custom domains. With this feature, you can publish your landing page under any domain name that you own. So, instead of your landing page URL starting with, your landing page can URL can start with http://my.dom.ain/.

Contact Forms

BK Pages provides fully functional contact forms that drop right into your template. This allows you to build your lead lists, accept reservations, answer questions, and more. The contact forms allow you to configure who the contact e-mail is sent to, as well as the fields that are to be presented in the form. And all contact forms are integrated with Google reCAPTCHA to prevent spamming.

Social Media

Many BK Pages templates integrate social media into the page. You simply click the edit button, check the social media channels you use, put in the links to those social media pages, and you are done.